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Are you a floral professional, wedding planner or event coordinator who is looking for fresh cut flowers, bouquets, plants, floral supplies, and flower arrangements? Fall River Florist Supply is your one-stop source for providing freshest flowers from around the world, exceptionally large inventory of floral supplies and a friendly customer support.

How Do I Setup An Account At Fall River Florist Supply?

If you are a retailer or anyhow associated with the floral industry, you are our potential client and must set up an account with us before making a purchase from our merchandise. For that, you need to fill the New Customer Application form below.

Along with your application, you need to attach the State Tax Resale Certificate for the respective state where you operate. If the state is not listed, you may provide us with a copy of your actual resale certificate of your particular state.

Once your application is approved, your account will be created, and we will email you the login credentials for our eCommerce site.

Need assistance? Call our customer care department at 800-825-8252 (Extension #236).

How Do I Place An Order?

There are two ways using which you can place an order with us and these are –

  1. Via Phone: You can place the order by calling our sales representatives during store hours on the number 800-825-8252. Expect it to receive by the next available delivery day.
  2. Online: You can place the order using our secure online ordering system. If you already have an account, please click Login/Shop on the top of this page or click here. If you are a new customer, you will receive your login credentials once your account is approved and set up.

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